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Assassin’s creed identity

Assassin’s creed identity:

Assassin’s creed identity is developed by blue byte and released by Ubisoft. it is an action-adventure video is the second mobile exclusive game in the Assassin’s Creed series to be published after the success of Assassin’s creed pirates and the first on mobile to consolidate the third person urban traversal-style as seen in the main console titles. It was first soft-launched in 2014 as a free to play the game for New Zealand and Australian App stores. On ios, it was released worldwide on 25 Feb 2016. The Android version was published on 18 may 2016 along with a new DLC.

The game takes place and shoots in the Italian Renaissance and the location of the feature such as the coliseums in Rome, Firenze, and Monteriggioni with a Forli chapter published separately as a DLC on 18 may 2016.  500,000+ install till now at Google play store.

How to play a game:

This game is similar to the original assassin’s creed. The Players of this game can perform an action by running towards jumping the walls, hills or objects and will automatically perform this action upon contact. The Assassin can also combine into different people/structures by either pressing the action button or running into different structures/objects. Assassinations are performed by pressing the action button when a nearby guard has the hidden blade icon over his head. During fighting you can attack, block attacks use their skills or exit the fight. Some skills cannot be used in fighting. The Assassin starts off at the unknown status, in which normal guards ignore him. In this game, if Assassin manages to break hostile guard’s lines of sight or is doing a suspicious activity and when alerted status normal guards only watch the Assassin closely but do not do anything. When running from hostile guards or in fighting the Assassin is in wanted status in which all guards attack them. IF they cross restricted areas then guards attack the Assassin on sight. During fighting the player can also summon hirelings which depending on class or on their skills. During missions, players can also use the iconic eagle vision and leap of faith. In the game, Assassins kills all of the mercenaries. Mercenaries are tax collectors


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assassin's creed identity android apk
assassin’s creed identity android apk

Game missions:

There are various types of missions in this game. The main advance storyline is campaign mission and it often has multiple parts as well as side objectives. These missions have objectives like tail, Escort, Assassinate and courier, and side objectives give special units and complete the objectives within a certain time limit. Campaigns missions are best because give items, XP, and coins. On the other side contract, missions side missions with a single objective for example tail escort Assassinate courier pursuit pillage etc. These missions also give coins XP and items. Also get tokens on higher level contact missions.

In this game various mission are given on certain locations like we go for assassin’s creed unity and following For Edward ken. Paris missions are amazing you so much surprise while playing this game. Paris is beautiful and has a pleasant atmosphere. It’s strange that a man who puts blade one after other is getting an award for solving murders. It looks suspicious.

Assassin's creed identity
Assassin’s creed identity



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One more amazing feature of this game is that you will be attacked by your enemies from the back under cover or you also hide in the game. There is about 40 mission of Paris stories which played by assassins. All missions are different to one another some are very easy like you can travel from on point to other point finding guards sword plan etc.

Assassin’s creed identity Game Plot:

In the game, Assassin Is monitoring Montenegrin in Italy when he marks a group of Borgia mercenaries gives as tax collectors. However the Assassins kill all of the mercenaries, a thief runs with the contents of a chest belonging to the Assassins. The thief is disclosed to be Pietro di Galencia, one of a Borgia agent works undercover in Monteriggioni. The father of a Roman Assassin was captured by Pietro and persecute him to disclosing one of the secret entrances into Villa Auditore. The old man runs and warns the citizens of Monteriggioni about Pietro’s betrayal. The Assassin kills Pietro. Although when checking Pietro’s house the Assassins can only find letters from Cesare Borgia, captain general of the Papal forces and leader of the Templars.soon some rumors started about mysterious men wearing black-feathered armor exterminate people for sport.


Assassin's creed identity
Assassin’s creed identity


Leonardo da Vinci a creator and all of the Assassins, suspects he is following by an Assassin calls stationed in Firenze. While conducting Leonardo the Assassin senses danger and uses his Eagle Vision to find a man impersonate as a civilian. the man was wearing black armor decorated with crow feathers.

After some time Demetrio sends a mysterious letter to Machiavelli who makes plans to murder Cesare Borgia during the this letter, Demetrio requests Assassins to help him to safety after the murder An Assassin and Machiavelli wait for a night to no avail suddenly they see Cesare  Borgia commanding his guards to accomplish a man. So the Assassin points out the man to be accomplished is Demetrio. Assassin rescues his safety. he tells Machiavelli that he refused Cesare’s order so that’s why he was tortured. He tried to murder Cesare many times but never passed. Machiavelli shows Demetrio the modified hidden blade blueprint from the stolen chest, Demetrio knows that he was the one who made them and calls them the Corvix Blades. Demetrio then discloses information on Cesare Borgia and the men with crow feathers. Demetrio tells that after he knows that his guards cannot use the corvix Blades, Cesare thinks to make his own Assassins. He finds a group of young boys in an orphanage and sends them to Vallombrosa, an abbey near Firenze.he decided to contacts a Spanish Assassin named Raphael Sanchez into training the men by making and he knows he was Assassin’s brotherhood.when training is complete, he sends a blad man to Vallombrosa. The blad man tells that Raphael’s task is complete and that he needs to go back Spain.and he gives his a name to the young men’’The Crows’’


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Assassin's creed identity
assassin’s creed identity apk obb


One day Machiavelli get some information that something unusual was happened at Borgia camp next to the he sends an Assassin to investigate. When the Assassin checked and investigate he finds a huge load of weapons boxes and opens one of the crates where he finds corvix blades. The Assassin then penetrate the whole camp and discovers that is full of members of The Crows. The Assassin used Eagle vision and spots and ex-Borgia captain named Matteo talk with a blad man. They start a fight and after a long fight, the Assassin killers Matteo. After that, the crows run away from the camp Assissan follow him and find the blad man who had been talking with Matteo. His name was Sirus Favero, he is a weapon merchant from which Cesare was ordered special weapons.

After a long time, Sirus sends a letter to Assassin that helps him to gather more information. The Assassin arrives in Rome and kills a crow messenger and take a letter from them. Sirus then tells the Assassin to hide until he finds the place where crows are hiding.

A character of the game:

In this game, you can customize your assassin from four type of classes

  1. The combat-orientated berserker
  2. The stealthy shadow blade
  3. The jack of all traders trickster
  4. The agile thief

Each category has its own set of skills and perks like splinter bomb and attack upgrades for berserker and smoke bomb and notoriety upgrades for shadow blade. You can use skill points at the skill tab or currency for unlocked. If you use skill points you can unlock a new tier of skills for each category and you earn skill points by leveling up. In the game, every Assassin an have both a primary and secondary class, with the secondary class unlocked using currency. With currency, a player can also unlock multiple Assassins. The inventory is shared among Assassins. Using inventory tab you can equip a sword, chest armor, pauldrons, hidden blades leggings insignias boosts and outfits. You can buy boosts in the shop and provide temporary buffs. Through achievements, you can unblock outfits or also buy in the shop and gives buffs and a different visual appearance for the Assassin equipped.


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Assassin's creed identity
Assassin’s creed identity


From the shop, a player can buy its forge boosts and more tab including IAP TABs. In the shop, the player uses the heroic shop and spend tokens to buy better ranks. From ranks get unlock difficult contract missions as well as three items such as outfit new maps new contract mission and the thief class. Different items are outfit can be bought in the shop. Boosts can be bought in the boosts tab and in the forge tab player can make new items as well.


Blue Byte was Developed Assassin’s creed identity using the Unity game engine. It was first soft-launched in 2014 as a free to play a game for New Zealand and Australian App stores. On ios, it was released worldwide on 25 Feb 2016. The Android version was published on 18 may 2016 along with a new DLC.



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Assassin's creed identity
Assassin’s creed identity


Assassin’s Creed Identity APK Free Download:

It is an amazing game and mobile friendly for Android users. Easy to play and accomplish the missions. You can download updated and latest version for android with no license test or any other tools.

Assassin’s Creed Identity Review:

Assassin’ creed identity is the first game to try and fix oversight and it’s a good effort but not at all miss the mark. Assassin’s creed identity is an action adventure game developed under the banner of Ubisoft entertainment. Famous top developer on Google play store. It is the first action RPG game from the famous gaming series of Assassin’s Creed. You have to complete hundreds of missions in this game. On Google play store this game gets good reviews its simple and amazing game for play. This game is available in English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Brazilian, Korean Japanese and French. Some feature is very good of this game like recreate the hiding, climbing, and killing. It’s stripped down from its console counterparts. Rather than have to figure out the best way to achieve his goal.

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Assassin's creed identity
Assassin’s creed identity


In this game some things are not good like the area is not large enough and the missions are not exiting. It is a simple game of killing quests and escort missions. Some mission feels bit fleshy, with the fifth mission ’’broken chains,’’ remaining a personal favorite. In this mission we needed to free a prisoner who was being held in the main city also we ignore the guards while finding captains that we could bribe missions like this to have too much fun and excitement while playing.

Assassin’s creed identity is a paid premium game, I think it should be free for a user just like other games that have successfully made the transition from free to play..

Assassin’s creed identity is a good game not a bad game for play. It gets interesting in parts but because of paid fans is not happy with that.

Features of Assassin’s Creed Identity:

Here are some good features of Assassin’s creed identity game.

  1. it’s a best action RPG game
  2. Full Hd graphics and visuals
  3. Optimistic extension to the series
  4. Manage and customize your Assassin by yourself
  5. you can get many missions in this game.

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Assassin's creed identity
Assassin’s creed identity


Supported Android Versions

Need Android Marshmallow (6.0.0–6.0.1)

Need Jelly Bean (4.1–4.3.1)

Need KitKat (4.4–4.4.4, 4.4W–4.4W.2)

Need Lollipop (5.0–5.1.1)


More Info:

  • Instant Kill at same time
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Stupid AI (enemy don’t see and hear you while you are hiding)
  • License covered (make sure that you are signed in to Google account)
  • No need of any unlocked paid content and unlimited money, it’s server-side
  • Check also which things another Assassin is using.
  • We improved the forge and adjusted the balancing.
  • Many other fixes and improvements.

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Assassin's creed identity
Assassin’s creed identity

Are you a True Assassin?

IF you are a fan of Assassin’s Creed series then you love to play Assassin’s creed identity. Some of his features are similar to the other games in the series but there is still a change in an exciting game.  In this game, you can get new missions and faced new challenges.

Here you can download free Assassin’s creed identity Apk for android mobiles.

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